Navigating the group benefit market can be rough.

We help employers overcome the increasingly tough challenges they face in today’s group benefit landscape. 

Our Approach to
Benefit Design

We focus on the following areas we believe are most underserved by our competitors, which is what makes our approach unique and most effective.

From leveraging our industry experience and gold-member status to customize benefits that align with company needs, to enhancing the offering with diverse voluntary and wellness benefits, to structuring flexible funding options that allow employees to tailor coverage to fit their personal needs, we focus on cost saving opportunities at just about every phase of the benefit process.  With that said we know that benefit plans are long-lived and thus treat cost containment as a long-term game.  As such, we continually review our clients' plans to ensure they are meeting goals and objectives, and to make adjustments, if and when necessary. Annually, we perform a complete re-evaluation of employee needs, demographics, market trends and more before considering final renewal strategies and carrier options.

Benefit usage is key to a successful benefit program, especially with cost-saving initiatives such as HDHPs, HSAs, and wellness programs. We drive benefit utilization with a robust employee communications program designed to provide employees with clarity in coverage, transparency in pricing and additional tools needed to aide in health management. We can also introduce affordable health-contingent reward programs that increase employee engagement substantially, ultimately contributing to our clients' bottom line.

From open enrollment, to onboarding, to compliance, digitizing your benefits has many advantages, such as reducing workflow and errors, and increasing benefit participation and employee satisfaction, just to name a few. At little or no cost, Lowery Benefits provides clients with user-friendly benefit systems that help to streamline and manage, not just our clients' benefit programs, but their entire HR.  Click here to learn more about our Online Enrollment technology.

Sponsoring a benefit program practically forces business owners to become experts in HR compliance.  Even the most successful businesses can get side-tracked with overwhelming and complex Federal and State legal requirements.  Lowery Benefit Services are experts in HR and provide clients with value-added compliance services that ensure your benefits run smooth while staying compliant.  Click here to learn more about our Compliance Services.

Types of Benefits Available

Lowery Benefit Services is regarded as one of the best in the field when it comes to designing benefit plans for both small and large groups.  We design, implement, communicate and manage benefit packages consisting of a variety of the following employer sponsored and employee paid benefits for groups consisting of 20 to 500 employees.

Health Plans

HMO, PPO & POS health plans for virtually any size company.

Self-Funded Plans

Is a self or partial funding right for your organization?


Cost saving opportunities make these plans popular.

Gap Insurance

Offset out-of-pocket costs of a high deductible health plan.

Group Dental & Vision

Various plans & premiums to promote good oral and eye care.

Group Life Insurance

Employees can buy up coverage on term life or permanent plans.

Group Disability

Protects employees income when they are disabled and unable to work.

Medicare Supplements

Helps eligible employees offset out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

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